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Amazon Prime’s A League Of Their Own Series Finally Announces Cast

I am a huge fan of the movie A League of Their Own. Scratch that, my family and I are huge fans. We can honestly quote the entire movie and it’s something magical. I think what really stands out is Gina Davis and Tom Hanks playing off of one another. And that tense moment when Kit is pitching and her sister Dottie comes up to bat. Oh that scene always gets me. Also best line hands down is “Hey cowgirls, see the grass? Don’t eat it” amazing.

Naturally when I heard that Amazon Prime was going to do a series on it, it left me feeling all sorts of skeptical. I mean I can see how you can make a series out of it. But how do you just reboot something so classic? Now that the cast has been revealed I am not too worried anymore. I just hope they keep the part where Kit throws the ball out the window and yells “Bitch” to her sister.

The plot was just announced stating that the episodes will be about an hour long, and will start with the formation of the League. (If you didn’t know this is based off the All American Girls Baseball League in 1942, the men were fighting in the war) The series will be based around the girls showing them how they handle under pressure, close games, road trips, injuries, and sexual awakenings while living in a rapidly changing America. Jamie Babbit (Russian Doll and Silicone Valley) will be directing the pilot.

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According to Deadline:

Abbi Jacobson will play Carson Shaw, a catcher from a tiny farm town, who suddenly finds herself hopping the train to Chicago to chase a dream she didn’t even know she had.

D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place) will portray Greta, a first basewoman with unbelievable stretch. Off the field, she’s also effortless, traveling the globe seeking new adventures and liaisons.

Chanté Adams (Bad Hair) is Max, a pitcher with an arm that could make men weep. She is ready for the big leagues and now, she just needs to make her own path there.

Gbemisola Ikumelo (Famalam) will play Clance. Born and raised in Rockford, Clance is Max’s best friend and biggest supporter, and a budding young artist in her ownright.

Kelly McCormack (Killjoy) is Jess, a shortstop from Moosejaw, Canada, Jess was born to play the game. On the field, Jess feels the most herself and wishes the game would never end.

Roberta Colindrez (Vida) will portray Mita, a cool, calm and collected pitcher from Texas ranch country, Mita’s got a killer poker face, on and off the field. She won’t reveal her secrets easily.

Priscilla Delgado is Izzy. Straight from Havana, Izzy is the youngest, most enthusiastic Peach.

Field recurs as Jo, a power hitter from Queens, who has survived countless escapades with her best friend, Greta. Boisterous and up for anything, Jo will defend her teammates til the end.

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