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The Terrific Duo: Technology And the MCU

It is not very surprising to see technology embedded in any superhero created in today’s time. But what fascinates us the most is to see superheroes from times like those of 1930s such as Spiderman, Iron Man exhibiting technology which is still ahead of time.

The world today revolves around technology but it amazes us to believe that creators back in the era when the tech hadn’t paced up brought the influence of the technology the world got hands at after decades. The credit has to be given to the creators of superheroes who were intelligent enough to produce characters technically super advance and somehow, they have been able to bring up ideas for the world to take notes from when it comes to experimenting in the field of tech.

Here are 5 spell bounding instances when the technology shown in Marvel characters and movies was something no one ever heard of yet still provided ideas to the people involved in this field.


Back in 1963, one of the most loved character Iron Man made an appearance and since then has gathered a huge fan base which also includes a huge number of tech geeks, IT professionals and engineers since there is a symbolism of technology always associated with him. Today, a superhero looks absolutely dapper even if he appears in Leather Jackets or Mens Bomber Jacket but in times of 1963 when people couldn’t even imagine of any such thing, Tony Stark has been showed using nano-technology and robotics. With that, he is known as a tech giant for his wonderful creation of an exoskeleton armor suit that had elements of technology people are still trying to work upon. He is also shown to have a full fledge state of the art laboratory that uses voice command interfaces, a thing quite ahead of its time. He is said to have an artificial heart that is again a technology not yet discovered but gives a great idea for future. 

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Though Iron Man is definitely a tech giant but Black Panther can also be considered one since he has been into technology way before Iron Man was able to create his iconic armor suit. One of the most interesting inventions of the Black Panther are the holograms which are an outstanding alternative to cell phones and come in the form of wearable technology exactly how you wear your jewels. Holograms are possible to be created in real world as well and can store huge amount of your personal data in their small size. The world has been working on it but it is worth pondering how decades back, the creators at Marvel were able to bring up such a wonderful idea. 



Shuri is the technically much learnt sister of Black Panther who is known to produce some of the most iconic tech-related stuff in the history of Marvel. Powered by the magnetic force, this mean of transportation has also been referred as maglev or magnetic levitation in the movies. An idea superbly eco-friendly, such transportation methods are highly required these days and it is amazing to see such ideas flourishing in 1960s and 1970s. If only someone works on them, a lot of good can be done to this world.


Captain America’s iconic shield is said to be indestructible because it is made out of vibranium, a supposed metal that cannot be destroyed ever. The Black Panther’s kinetic energy suit has also been made so effective and efficient because of the presence of this vibranium. It is a metal that is said to have been deposited 10,000 years ago by an asteroid and is said to have the abilities to absorb all the vibrations from kinetic energy. Vibranium is yet not discovered and people do not consider it real but the world has found a lot of metals which are similar to vibranium in at least one way such as basotect, graphene, spider silk and diamond nano threads, but only if they are used to their full potential.


You might think of the suit of Ant man way behind practicality and way too superhero-ish yet you will have to agree upon the awesome implications it can have in the real world. The premise of Pym particles is not entirely baseless and if it is ever brought into reality, it can be used to create tiny cameras and surgical tool very helpful in medical applications. Most importantly, it can be used to surgically operate cancerous growth without any open surgery which is exactly what the growing cancer patients are yearning for and look as a hope to save their lives.

 It is truly amazing and worthy noticing how back in the days, the creators had so much of insight and were able to provide solutions to the modern-day world issues. We wish that all the above mentioned and basically all those astounding technologies featured by Marvel Cinematic Universe are materialized to help the world for good. Now that you have read this engaging article and we are sure that you are all set to bring revolutionary changes in the world with the help of these, we would also like you to check out the amazing Top Gun Jacket or Movie Jackets  Collection and chose any of the one to attire yourself in while you are on the mission of bringing the above-mentioned technologies to the real world.

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