Wedding Crocs Are Now A Thing

So recently I had written about Chuck Taylors having their own line of wedding shoes. And hey, they are pretty amazing, girls ditching the heel for more comfort, and trust me I get it. I myself wore chucks because I wanted to be comfortable. Plus I know me, I would wear heels and somehow fall on my face even though my dad is walking me down the isle.

It has come to my attention that Chucks just might have some competition for comfort on the most important day of anyone’s life. That being that wedding Crocs are a thing. And I can probably name a few people that I know that are probably over the moon excited about this.

One Etsy seller princesspumps decided that comfort and sequins deserve one another, and hey I am not mad about that at all. Check these out.

I mean, people are praising it all over Instagram and saying it’s worth the money. And not to mention these are a best seller. So if you are a fan of the Croc go for it my dear, it’s your day, enjoy it.

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