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Neopets Mobile is Entering Beta Testing Soon

Those of us who have entered the world of internet when it was just a little baby remember some very distinct websites. Newgrounds, LiveJournal, Geocities, Club Penguin, and Neopets.

Photo Credit: Neopets
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I remember logging on and taking care of my little green guy. But also went many months and forgot about said little guy (sorry) and would rush over to the soup kitchen to quickly feed them. Back in 2018 Neopets announced that they were going to make a mobile version of this classic game. And well, I was super excited for it.

The only problem with it all, is that for 2 years we have not heard a single thing from the developers, that is until now. Stephanie Lord (Neopets) has said that there have been some ‘technical issues’ that have slowed down the process. But the mobile friendly website is still moving forward.

“We have many exciting projects in the Neopian universe right now, one of the most anticipated of course is the mobile version of the site. As everyone is aware, flash is quickly going away so our first goal is to make the existing site completely functional and user friendly on mobile devices. This not only includes converting all flash features to another format, but also redesigning large parts of the site to make it more immersive and modern while improving user experience.”

“The plan right now is to roll it out in phases. We are focusing first on the most common activities of users today (your pets, interacting with them, customizing, dailies and games) and then will expand from there. As you can imagine, the thousands of customization items, security improvements, flash games, etc. are all massive projects that we have set as our top priority for the moment”

Photo Credit: Neopets

Hey if this means we can get Neopets mobile by the end of the year (or maybe my birthday, PLEASE) I am going to be SO happy.

“It has taken longer than expected but we wanted to make sure we give our users the best product we can and make sure we don’t rush anything or limit the quality.”

According to GameByte we should be able to expect the beta test in the first half of 2020. So while we don’t have a release date yet we will be keeping an eye on this closely. We will also let you know where and when you can finally sign up to get into that beta test!

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