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Corgi Butt Leggings Are A Thing Now

I love corgis, ever since I saw Ein from Cowboy Bebop I knew I wanted a little corgi just like him. Sadly I don’t have the room for one (or afford one at that matter) but I think you can agree with me that they are so cute! Their little fluff butts are just precious. They look like little potatoes and loafs!

I MEAN COME ON THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! The other day I was strolling through Pinterest for nothing really, and came across this image. 

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I literally screamed out loud and wanted to know where I could find them! After searching for about ten minutes I came across this website. I pretty much lost my mind, and now I want to order everything that has a little corgi butt on it. But really I just want a pair of those leggings. Because we all could use corgi butt leggings.

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