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Diver Discovers Abandoned Underwater Strip Club

It feels like something you would see in a movie about a crime boss. Picture going to an underwater strip club at the end of a pier and most certainly you can see someone like “Frankie the Fish” ordering a hit on a rival drug smuggler. Well, someone has found the first part of that pretend story, abandoned and sitting unused underwater for countless years.

Gil Koplovitz was researching off the coast of Israel when he came across some sort of structure. A building that was built 5 meters (16 feet) below the surface of the sea and 70 meters (230 feet) away from the shore. While doing research he found out that the building which was once home to a restaurant was converted into “Nymphas Show Bar”. It was home to dining, dancing and stripping. The entrance was above water on the dock where you would enter the “Red Sea Star” and then take a stair case down into it.

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Nymphas Show Bar was the only underwater strip club in the world and closed in 2012 for unknown reasons. The building was built with 23 windows so that the patrons could get a panoramic view of the seabed outside while enjoying their show inside. These images are taken from some of those windows.

Crazy right!

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