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Baby Tattoo Onesie Is The Item All Babies Need

I am always on the lookout for baby things. No, I don’t have any kids but I do have friends that are having baby fever at the moment. And I don’t look for your run of the mill baby items either. I am looking for weird, funny, and just plain funny. As I was scouring the internet for my normal clicks I came across this onesie that I have to say is just so amazing, that as a person with tattoos I think if I ever have kids they are gonna need this

Artify – Square

Yes It’s a baby onesie but it has tattoo sleeves! I seriously think that this is the best thing to ever come out of left field. I mean I thought the Snorlax onesie was amazing, but this one right here tops it all.  

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The outfit comes in either black or grey and it is sold here.

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