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Emma Roberts With Flooded With “General Kenobi” After She Says “Hello There”

Emma Roberts who has been all over the place but most recently a star in American Horror Story was bombarded with “General Kenobi” comments on Instagram. For those of you that don’t know one of Obi-Wan’s famous quotes was “Hello There” and it is often quoted by fans to this day. That and “I’ve not heard that name in a long time” will stand the test of time.

Here’s 10 hours of Hello There for no apparent reason

Roberts was just posting on Instagram when a flood of in pouring comments came. The kicker is that even though she made this post back in December the comments are still coming in as fresh as one minute ago. This could be the most commented on post of hers ever!

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So now if you ever see Emma Roberts on the street make sure you give her a hearty “Hello There” followed up by a “General Kenobi”. Star Wars fans really are the best kind of people.

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