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‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ Finally Releasing Action Figures

Finally after years of wanting some Avatar figures we’re going to get our first run of three. The set will include Katara, Aang and Zuko and they are being sold at Entertainment Earth. The figure set is supposed to release sometime this month(January 2020) and will be the first round of figures. We’re hoping for Toph, Sokka, Iroh or Azula are next.

They each come with accessories and interchangeable parts and come packaged on an alabaster card. You are able to buy them each individually for $16.99 or get the set at $47.99 which will save you about three dollars. These will probably sell out fast so you may want to get your pre-orders in now!

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The timing is suspect too as it would appear that Netflix could drop the original series on the platform any day now. We’re all waiting for when we can binge the show again, at least I know I am!

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you would like to know!

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