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Dill Pickle Vodka Exists And I Don’t Know How To Feel

I’m quite a social drinker, I’ve had my fair of soju as well as other random drinks that my friends like to throw at me. I’d like to think that I’m very open-minded to try anything new, whether it be food, drinks, or some sort of random experience. But I think I finally found my limit to be honest. Because Dill Pickle Vodka exist and I don’t know what to do with this information now.

You can thank Urban Distilleries who are located in British Columbia, Canada. They’ve won their fair share of awards and they are not only known for their Dill Pickle Vodka but other great liqueurs such as brandy, gin, and whiskey as well. 

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According to them the Dill Pickle Vodka is the perfect blend of the dill pickle sour flavor we all have come to know and love as it harmonizes with the vodka itself. Will I try it? Probably, but I don’t think I will go out of my way to actually try it. 

If you want to check it out you can by following the link here. And if you do please come back and comment!

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