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‘Devil May Cry V’ Voice Actor Brian Hanford May Have Leaked Super Smash Bros. 5th DLC Character

Ah, announcement leaks. Is there any way to avoid them? It has certainly become more and more difficult as our world becomes smaller and smaller on the world wide web. Though not guaranteed, voice actor Brian Hanford may have just revealed our fifth character for Super Smash. Bros Ultimate’s last DLC spot in this first season.

Brian Hanford voices V in Devil May Cry V, a newcomer to the DMC series. Eager to talk about his work and passion for games, he appeared on an AMA featured on Jojo Wifi’s YouTube channel. During their conversation, Brian mentions his fondness for games like Marvel Vs Capcom and Super Smash Bros., saying, “to be part of Marvel Vs Capcom, or Super Smash Bros., would be huge, which is what Dante is gonna be,” when asked if he has heard about Dante’s potential arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Take a listen for yourself at the 6:16 mark.

Did He Really Pull The [Devil] Trigger On Leaking The Fifth DLC Character?

If you listen to the video of their conversation a few times, there are a few arguments you’ll probably make here. Wording plays a huge part in this analysis, and it could just be a simple case of misunderstanding the context.

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When Brian is asked about the Dante rumors, he never outright mentions hearing them, never mentions any insider info that he knows for sure about Dante’s involvement, nor does he even try to dismiss the entire thing. In fact, his response to the question is a deep, thought out and significant emotional response to how much it would mean to him to be able to play a part in the Super Smash Bros. legacy. I think it’s completely possible that he was very much wrapped up in this desire he expressed, that when making a remark about Dante he sort of fumbled his words.

On the other hand, leaks like this happen all the time and could definitely have been organic. In the heat of the moment, just trying to answer questions and have a discussion, it’s easy to forget you’re being recorded for thousands of people to listen to at any given moment. The last thing on your mind is an NDA.

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Do you think Dante will be revealed this Thursday during Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal? If not, who do you think will make the cut? Let us know your thoughts!

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