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Joaquin Phoenix Wins Golden Globe For Best Actor

When Joker was being first talked about critics were giving the film rave reviews. It’s a shock to no one that Joaquin Phoenix has taken home the Golden Globe for Best Actor after his haunting performance as Joker. He was able to successfully act out an origin story for the Batman character which was an enormous feat given that fans didn’t necessarily want an origin story. It is sometimes much better to keep some things shrouded in mystery, but with his performance he lifted the veil and showed us Joker was much more than we had even dreamed of.

During his speech he dropped all kinds of F bombs. Saying that there really is no real winner and that the competition was all about sales, and he’s not wrong. He also thanked the Hollywood Foreign press for “recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal life and climate change.”

You can watch the entire thing above with the language censored out.

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Joker was a box office phenomenon and brought in worldwide a total of $1.063 billion. Making it the first movie about any comic book villain to break the billion dollar barrier. Venom is now second at $856.1 million worldwide.

Rumor has it that Todd Phillips is open to doing a second film but that turned out to be just that, a rumor. While he may be ok with filming a sequel, the talk last year that he had the whole thing conceptualized turned out to be a false lead. Though he did an excellent job with this story at this time there are no plans for a second.

The Batman has started filming for it’s release in 2021, and we’re all waiting to see how Matt Reeves pulls us into his gritty noir version of the time honored hero.

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