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Kirby Nap Pillow Takes You To Dreamland

If you have the luxury of being able to nap at work in the breakroom then I recommend getting one of these bad boys to take with you. Not only is it soft, and cute but it also shades your eyes from the blistering overhead lighting. Curse those panel lights that sear through my eyelids while I’m trying to sleep! Plus if your head is inside this then there’s a 100% chance that no one is going to try and talk to you. Mission accomplished!

From the description on Bandai’s official page it says “You can get personal experience of what everyone has been wondering about, ‘what is it like being inhaled by Kirby’s mouth’ by putting your head into the round cushion’s gaping mouth. The inside of the mouth is a cushion pad so it’s extra comfy and your neck doesn’t end up killing you afterwards.

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Bandai was selling this for $96.99 USD, but if you want to get the knock off version they have one on Amazon for $16.99. I would recommend getting the official version but I also realize that it’s pretty expensive for a pillow, and they closed preorders earlier this year. But that doesn’t make the concept any less awesome! There are also Ebay listings but again, very expensive.

Nerdbot doesn’t make anything when you purchase this, we just wanted to show you it exists!

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