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The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear Has a 9 Million Scoville Rating

All varieties of hot peppers are measured on the Scoville scale. It’s rare and pretty much unheard of that a Gummy Bear of all things would be bumped up against this scale but Lil’ Nitro is here to break all stigmas. Lil’ Nitro is the “World’s Hottest Gummy Bear” and has a rating of over 9 million. You read that right, it’s infused with 9 million scoville unit chili extract, and is 900 times hotter than a jalepeno pepper.

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You can order him off of Amazon and challenge your friends since luckily this comes in a three pack. There is a challenge for creating a video where you wait 5 full minutes before seeking relief from this devilish treat. If you’re worried about him melting in transit then they have an insurance plan to keep that from happening. Each Lil’ Nitro comes packaged with an ice pack and CoolShield foil wrap to prevent the gummy bear from melting.

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