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“Crazy Rich Asians” Director Wants To Make A “Rose” Star Wars Series

When Rose Tico was first introduced in The Last Jedi a lot of fans did not like the character. There were those that were excited to see a woman engineer and felt represented in the fact that she was smart but also kind of a fangirl, but there were way more people who felt like she was out of place. Those who felt the latter took to social media to bully Kelly Marie Tran, which in turn led to her abandoning social media for a time.

For whatever reason J.J. Abrams decided to cut her screentime drastically where the last movie had her in full focus, Rise of Skywalker only had her onscreen for about a minute. She interacts with Finn and basically says she’s too busy with work and let’s him go his own way. Which is strange to say the least considering that they were almost a “thing” in The Last Jedi.

Jon M. Chu who directed Crazy Rich Asians must have felt similar to the way a lot of other Rose fans do, because he’s sent out a plea on twitter to Disney Plus that concerns the future of Rose.

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The tweet doesn’t mean for sure that we would be getting a series but it does let Disney know that someone who has the capability of creating a successful movie is interested in developing it. I for one would be interested to know what happened in between The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker to make her so engrossed in her work she’s stopped adventuring. There must have been something important that changed her motivation as a character.

What would you think of a Rose series on Disney Plus? Tell us in the comments!

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