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Sailor Moon Pet Beds Are Coming!

Okay let’s be real here. I’ve written my fair share of Sailor Moon articles and trust me when I say I will never stop writing about these things. But I’m also an avid cat lover as well(partly due to Luna from Sailor Moon). I myself have three beautiful fur babies at living at my home, two black one calico. Of course as you can tell one of the black cats is female and yes her name is Luna. I had to fight my husband off because he wanted to name her Snowball II (extra brownie points if you know the reference). 

Now whether you’re a cat or dog person, or if you’re all out or just a dedicated Moonie, I’m pretty sure you’ll need this in your life just as much as I do. Just so my husband knows I will be buying these and yes my cats will be using them. Or I can delude myself into thinking my cats will use them.

(Artemis pictured here)
Still Artemis…
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Maybe the dog is Luna?

Anime Osaka is taking pre-orders now, and these will be released in February.

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