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A DnD Character Sheet Made For People With Dyslexia is Here

DND can be tricky. I mean with your character sheets you get charisma strength wisdom etc. for beginners it can be a little challenging I mean how do you know how much strength you need? How do you know how much charisma you need and what the heck does it do? Or maybe you’re like me who has dyslexia and half the time you just hope that a saving throw will save you, (Staring at you my bag of dice).

Surely there’s got to be a way to simplify everything right? I’m sure you do have your friends who you gather around (hopefully) weekly and they help you with what you need to know. But also my social anxiety hits and I feel really stupid if I asked the same question 3 times. It’s not that I didn’t hear you it’s just that I didn’t register it and now I’m too scared to even asked what half the stuff is. But hey that’s  DND half the time we don’t even know what’s going on.

Thankfully someone took the time to really bring it to our level (for those of you that are struggling) and let me tell you, it’s beautiful. They posted a thread on Reddit to help their fellow players.

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Thank you u/Axelle123 and inuyasharuls! Now others can enjoy the game who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. They did note that these are a modified version of u/luckpack’s. You can find all the appropriate links to their original sheets in the post above.

You can download the Dyslexic appropriate Dungeons & Dragons from this Google Drive. They’re a PDF that weighs in at just under 5MB.

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