Win A Weeks Stay In A Castle and Do Nothing But Drink Coffee

Okay roll call, how many of you start your day off with some coffee? I know I can’t get by without the stuff. I love my Keurig, my Bunn, and my Cold Brew, great stuff 100% recommended. Do you ever wish you could be paid to drink coffee and not have any worries like ever? Well do I have good news for you now!

Gevalia Kaffe is holding a contest and one lucky winner will be able to bring a friend and spend their days enjoying coffee in a castle. Yes you heard that right a freaking castle. Not only will you get unlimited coffee all day all night but also a five course meal and a private butler. 2 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and this castle you will call home for 1 week in Edinburgh, Scotland. Where you will be Queen of the castle! Oh did I mention you also get paid $5k?

If this sounds right up your alley then all you need to do is apply here. But be quick now! The contest ends December 21st!

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