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10 Geeky Gifts for a Nerd at Heart

Everyone always tells me that I am probably the hardest person to shop for. And when they tell me that I tell them this. Sailor Moon, Zelda, World of Warcraft or The Sims 4 (any expansion I don’t have of course). SO if you are like me and people are wondering what to get you for Christmas, then I have compiled a list to make your life a bit more easier for your friends and/or loved ones. Just link them the list and you can say, PICK. 

Artify – Square

A really cool key holder that is perfect for any household. The maker can make them in several styles, and let’s be honest we say this line almost on a daily basis. 

If I didn’t already have an NES controller for my doormat I would have seriously considered this one. Husband and I are Pokemon fans, and with this I feel I can tackle the world of Pokemon Go, and he with Pokemon Shield. It comes in green, grey, and sepia. 

It’s an NES cube speaker! Bluetooth compatible and the charge lasts for 8 hours! I am adding this to my wishlist right now!

Build your own pinball game! How cool is this! Some patients and a lifetime of fun? Yes please!

How about giving your friends a fun idea, you each meet up when you can complete one game off the list, and when you do, scratch it off! It’s like the movie list, but even better, it’s with games!

Keep Going!
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An Avengers Whiskey Set! Complete with decanter and coasters to boot! Enjoy one with the buddies in style of course. 

Now is the time to thank your DM for actually attempting each week to get everyone together to continue the campaign that they have worked endlessly on, and let’s be real, you won’t finish the campaign this is the rule of DND, thus to soften the blow with this amazing DM Screen

Got a friend who is into World of Warcraft? Me I am that friend, and I really want this light up mouse pad. Thanks for asking!

Now I have spent hours upon hours playing Tetris when I was but a small child. I still hold the high score, and even went and got myself a tiny game cabinet at Walgreens last year. But this, this satisfies the coffee lover in I to a T. Coffee and Tetris? Yes please!

Have a friend who wears their contacts but complains that their container is ugly and they wish that they had a cooler looking one? I mean no one ever says that, but hey! They won’t complain with this!

I hope this list was helpful to you all! I know it has given me a few ideas. 

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