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This New Baby Yoda Doll is Breathtaking!

You may remember when we wrote about Gakman Creatures before when we showed you Baby Falkor. Well now they have just completed what is sure to be one of the best dolls out on the market for The Mandalorian’s “The Child”. She emailed us to let us know that it was finished so we’re the very first to see it!

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The doll is listed on Etsy as Baby Master and she has two different versions available for commission. The first one which is most like the one you see in the Mandalorian is the Baby Master listing. And the second is what we would imagine a newborn “Baby Yoda” to look like. That one is listed as Tiny Master on Etsy.

Baby Master by Gakman Creatures
Baby Master by Gakman Creatures
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Tiny Master by Gakman Creatures
Tiny Master by Gakman Creatures

Baby Master is $500 and Tiny Master is $300. A good price for the amount of work that goes into each of these creations. And they are great quality, all of her listings on Etsy have rave reviews.

She handcrafts each of these using faux fur, polymer clay (unbaked colored with crushed pastels), titanium wire, glue and polyester stuffing. If you would like to follow her on Facebook you can make sure to keep up with all her creations!

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