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Serve Up A Feast On This Harry Potter Dinnerware

Growing up and reading Harry Potter one of the most magical things about it were the feasts described at Hogwarts. You could almost imagine what kind of plates they would use at those long tables where all the students sat. These new house plate sets can be used to serve your family or your guests for any occasion. And we think they would have been close to what they served on at Hogwarts.

They sell one set for each house including Hufflepuff which is THE most underrated house next to Ravenclaw. Couple that with the fact that Hufflepuff are kind of foodies and this makes the perfect housewarming gift for your friends in that house.

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These plates aren’t loud or too decorated. They are perfect for just setting in the cupboard even if you already have an established decor. Since they are minimalist and have a simple design they wont clash with your other plates. Which makes them perfect addition to any home.

Each set comes with four bowls, four large plates, four mugs and four small plates. Its perfect for people who are just starting out and are building up their own fandom centered home. You can check out all of the Harry Potter plate sets by following the link here. They retail for $100 but are on sale right now for just $78.99 which is pretty decent if you remember how much regular plate sets are. I should also mention that these are all microwave and dishwasher safe.

If you are looking for some good Potter gifts you may also want to check out these gift boxes. They come with a magnet, notebook, mini tea set, keychain, and a cool tin tall enough to keep your pens and pencils in.

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