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Blizzard Explains Major Difference Between Diablo 4 and Diablo 3

Diablo 3 debuted back in 2012 and started out really strong, selling 30 million units in just over 3 years.  My father was one of the people who bought this best-selling game.  He said that my brother and I had to wait a little longer until we could start playing.  However, it was totally worth the wait. Now I’m excited to see what Diablo 4 will bring. And with recent development, we can now understand what difference will make Diablo 4 a major improvement from Diablo 3.

The Major Difference in Diablo 4

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From 2012 to now there have been major improvements in technology, and Blizzard is excited to utilize it to make the gameplay for Diablo 4 even better.  More specifically, the animations.  According to Blizzard, a great deal of animation techniques are featured to enhance the movements.  The whole atmosphere of the game will “feel very different than Diablo 3.” 

“We’ve added a lot of animation technology.”

John Mueller, the Art Director, said to AusGamers
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“Blending animation and having stop animations and having different animations make the movement feel very different than Diablo III. It’s all increasing the resolution. And in action it makes the movement feel more fluid, with stuff like character turns looking better than ever.”

John Mueller

In addition to using a completely new engine, Diablo 4 will also feature Physically Based Rendering (PBR).  PBR allows for the graphics to appear more realistic by more accurately portraying the flow of light in the real world.  

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Photo: Polygon

Diablo 4 is currently being developed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  It will probably be suited towards the new lineup of consoles on the way, like the PS5.  Blizzard still hasn’t set a release date for the upcoming game, but they have said that it’s in its early stages of development.  Which probably means we’ll have to wait a couple more years to check it out. I, for one, can’t wait! 

Do you play Diablo 3?  Are you excited for Diablo 4?  Let us know in the comments below!

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