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Wes Craven Estates is Taking Pitches for ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

So it’s time to get scared because it looks like it is time for a new Nightmare on Elm Street to make an appearance. The last remake flopped badly, so badly that I didn’t waste my time even watching it.

Two months ago the US right returned back to the Wes Craven’s estate, this includes everyone’s favorite villain, Freddy Krueger. Now the estate has begun to work on bringing Krueger back to life by taking pitched for a new Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Now it is currently unknown what the estate’s plans are, but it is currently rumored that the estate is looking for both a feature film and a possible series. With this news it allows for Elijah Wood and his partner to try to fulfill their dream of making a Elm Street remake. We will see what happens. I am personally crossing my fingers that they will get it and make it amazing, but can they live up to the original? We will just have to wait and see.

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