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Watch Selena’s Final Concert Now on Amazon Video

On March 31st, 1995 the world lost one of the most talented artists, Selena. I remember hearing about the news and a lot of my friends were really upset. Who would have thought that she could have been taken away from us in such a tragic way. Amor Prohibido will always be one of my favorite songs of hers. You can listen down below!

Keep Going!
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Artify – Square

Now most of us were waaaay too young to even attended a concert of hers. But if you were lucky I am forever jealous of that. I always wondered how they were, because this was before we could live stream anything. Yes kids, we couldn’t use cellphones during that time. It was hardly a thing. Shocking I know.  However Amazon Prime has given us an early Christmas gift! If you have Amazon Prime you can now watch Selena’s last concert! Yes my friends rejoice! Her stunning performance in Houston in all of its glory!

Break out your boustier and get ready to dance and sing along with an iconic superstar. Selena you may have left us early, but your legacy will live on forever. 

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