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First Episode of Power Rangers: Shattered Past is Available to Watch

In this newest fan series surrounding Power Rangers lore our hero is on a mission to save his friends. The year is 2040 and Earth is on the brink of destruction. Sam O’Neill is trying his best to collect legendary weapons to help defeat the force that wiped out the Rangers. You can watch the first episode here.

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Casting for the series includes Colin K. Bass as Sam O’Neill, Marc Arjona as Psycho Green, Dade Elza as Time Force Red, Sean C. Swanson as Saba’s Voice and Ryan H. Nelson as the voice of Lord Drakkon.

Power Rangers: Shattered Past is a Crimson Vision Studios production. Directed and Edited by Sean C. Swanson and written by Colin K. Bass. Visual Effects by Golden Crandell. Theme song by ATO Worldwide. Creative consultant on the project is Alan Michael.

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