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The 5 Basic Axe Throwing Techniques You Should Consider

In recent years, especially in this age of adventure and sports, axe throwing has emerged as a thrilling activity that many people are willing to explore in their free time.  While it is gradually becoming a popular sport for those who are looking to explore a new side of fun and activities in their life, most people are still clueless about how to actually throw an axe. Admittedly, axe throwing is a fun sport, but it can be dangerous if not played properly. There are some degree of skills and techniques that are required in axe throwing, which every beginner should learn before throwing an actual axe.

Here are five basic axe throwing techniques for you to consider, before you begin the battle of axes:

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1. Holding the axe-
The most important part of throwing an axe is actually learning how to hold it properly. If you don’t know how to hold it in the right manner, then you run the risk of hurting yourself or someone else, because it can easily slip out of your hand. You should start by holding the base of the axe with a strong grip, because if you hold it a bit higher than its base, then there are chances that it won’t be able to rotate and travel far. Make sure your grip is strong, so that it does not slip out of your hand, prematurely.

2. Position yourself- In an axe throwing game or event, you have to stand behind a black line, which indicates the minimum distance you need to be away from your target. It is usually 12 feet back from the target. Put one foot forward, preferably your left-foot if you are right-handed or vice versa, and balance yourself before you throw the axe. Your stance should be upright and your aim should be to hit the bull’s eye after making your axe complete one rotation.

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3. Placement of the axe before the throw- How do I position the axe? Is it too further up or too low with respect to the height of my target? These are common questions that every beginner grapples with, during axe throwing. In reality, the technique is quite simple and quite doable. The axe should be held all the way back behind your head, to harness all the potential energy of the object. Keep it at the level of the target, not too high and not too low.

4. The actual throw- Your stance while throwing the axe will actually determine whether you hit or miss the target. Make sure your wrist and elbow are locked firmly in place, and your grip on the base of the axe is tight. Do not flick your wrist while throwing the axe, simply aim for the target and release it with a considerable force. Remember, it’s not a dart, it’s an axe, so make sure to use your strength properly.

5. Just have fun- Well this is admittedly not a technique, but most beginners get so caught up in the technique, that they forget to enjoy the game. So remember to not fret too much over all the details and simply have fun during axe throwing league

Axe Throwing is a fun game but as it involves a tool that is meant for destruction, one should always consider getting some basic knowledge and training or practice before trying axe throwing at any event. Start with the basics, may be use just a wooden stick and practice some throws with it, once you are familiar with the basic technique, start with an axe and throw at a close distance, increase the distance gradually day by day and move towards perfection. Enjoy responsibly. 

This article was submitted by Richard Gates

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