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Here’s How to Order a Joker Frappe From Starbucks

Joker has been a big success at the box office to the surprise of no one. The critics were hailing it even before it came out and people flocked to the theaters to see it a second time. Now if you want to see it a third time you can order a special frappucchino that looks like a smiling Joker to take with you into the theater, or drink it out front. Depends on what the theaters policies are.

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First seen at they tell us that we can’t just walk in and order a Joker Frappucchino. It is something that some stores have their own variation of and others you will have to get really specific with how you order.

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It is basically a Green Matcha Frappe with Strawberry Syrup in the middle making it look like a weird Joker smile. Then top it off with whipped cream and sprinkle on some Matcha powder and chocolate syrup. Sounds like a sugar rush and a huge crash but boy it’s pretty. You can order it the way I phrased it or show a picture to your barista. They should know how to make it by being told the basic ingredients and shown a picture.

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