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‘Toys R Us’ New Website Run By Target in New Partnership

Earlier this year we heard about the revival of the once loved Toys R Us store. Millions were disappointed when they announced bankruptcy and then quickly after their closure. The problem was that even though many of us held memories there and would from time to time browse the shelves. All we did was browse, mostly out of curiosity to see what the next generation was into.

Now it seems they are starting up their business model to be more online focused. Which will help them to establish their brand back. Tru Kids Brands is teaming up with discounter Target Corp. to relaunch, according to a joint release.

The site features toy reviews and then will direct the user to a buy option which will then link to the Target site.

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There are still going to be some stores opening up in the future. The first two are going to be in Texas and New Jersey and they are opening this November. But primarily their focus will be redirecting sales to Target which now has a deal with them. will also power online sales in the new Toys R Us experiential retail stores.

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