In a world where people will throw anything away they don’t have room for there are few times when you come across absolute treasure. One California man has found exactly that. Treasure. And he is now threatening to throw them away for good if he does not receive at least 65 likes on the post. If he gets at least that many, he will donate them to someone who would cherish them for eternity.

Found this trash in my house. If this post gets 3 likes, I’ll throw these out. If this post gets at least 65 reacts, I’ll gift these to Colin Bass.

Posted by Kurt Broz on Sunday, October 6, 2019

At the time of this writing the post only has 17 likes. Soon all will be lost and these precious cards will be gone forever. If you can please click like on the post then maybe they will be saved.

Digimon is a beloved anime franchise that is on par with Pokemon if not better. Many have held this anime up to be the underdog when in reality the story line is much more advanced. The fact that the monsters talk makes it all the more lovable. Sure Pokemon seem smart, but like dogs and cats they will never be able to speak unless we genetically alter them. Or in the case of Meowth scar them enough that they feel the need to rise above boundaries and teach themselves to talk.

I implore again to please like the original post in hopes that these cards will find a home. It’s all up to the fates now. I’ve done all that I can.