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Fun Nerdy Halloween Fashion for October

October has many meanings: Halloween, Costume Parties, Candy, and Sweater Weather. It’s October! Fall time! Put on those faux UGGs, grab your Pumpkin Spice, and let’s see some spooky fashion!

That Disney Fashion Though

Disney has been strong with ears, but the fandom fashion has grown! There are many companies that have creative renditions of characters in their fashion. From park-inspired mickey ears to workout clothing, Disney’s fashion has set the trends like fire to tinder (camping tinder).

friday the 14th mickey mouse ears. ears are black, one ear has jason vorheese mask and red on the forehead and cheeks, ear on the right has 3-d words "friday the 13th" and the middle red bow has a foam machete sitting on top of it. hat on the right is a black snap back with orange sequin ears covered in torn black jean fabric and large orange sequin bown in the middle on top of the hat.
Jason Friday the 13th Ears & Halloween Ripped Hat from LeBownitte ($35 each)

LeBownitte is just one of MANY companies that sell super cute Mickey ears. Some people go all out on their styles but sometimes the best style is simpler and straight to the point. Two ears that scream Halloween are the Jason Friday the 13th Ears and the Halloween Ripped Hat. Very cute, wear them when you go to that Haunted House down the street or that office party. The ears and hat are on sale for $35 (Jason is original price $37.50 and the Ripped hat $40)

nightmare before christmas sally's dress that ties around the waist. teal, yellow, light purple, and black patterns that are stitched together in a quilt format.
shirt on the right is a button up short sleeve with lime green and yellow vertical stripes and purple bat pattern and white angled collar.
Sally Wrap Dress and Halloween Party CM Button Up Tie Top from 1138 Clothing.

You may have seen 1138 Clothing in the last fashion article, but her shoppe has tons of fun fashion. This time we bring her back for her latest piece and one of my favorites. The Sally Wrap dress has a gorgeous pattern and shape for any body shape! The Halloween Party Cast Member Button Up Tie Top is a cutie and my personal favorite! The tie stops at the waistline and gives you the curves when you are lacking! The dress ranges from $100-$120 and the top is $80-$85. And the great thing about 1138 Clothing is that they ask for your measurements so that any piece compliments your body!

haunted mansion shirt with madame leota (blue fortune teller head in a glass ball) with instruments around. skater dress on the right has the haunted Mansion wallpaper. purple dress with black silhouette monsters all over the dress.
Madame Leota Tank and Haunted Mansion Dress from Fantasmic Threads

Fantasmic Threads is a popular Disney-inspired casual wear line you may have seen on Instagram and they just released a Haunted Mansion collection! Two comfortable wears are the Madame Leota Tank and the Haunted Mansion Dress. Basically things you wish you had on clothing finally on clothing! The dress is $50-$52 USD and the tank is $25 USD (and has different color choices).

Retro Fashionista

Another idea for the October life and the Halloween parties is to go RETRO!! From the 1940’s to the 1980’s there are so many people who still love the fashion and here are a few picks that will help your vintage Fall feels.

black bat style dress with pinup skirt and angled wing sleeves. skirt on the right is orange patterned with vampires, pumpkins, ghosts, bats, skulls, candy corn, and words of trick or treat.
Creature of the Night Wiggle Dress and Trick or Treat Skater Skirt from Retrolicious

Retrolicious is one of a few popular brands in Southern California that have a variety of cute looks. If you want to have a vampy look then their Creature of the Night Wiggle Dress is a cute pencil skirt dress retailed at $74.99. The Trick or Treat Skater Skirt is a cute waist high that you can easily pair with solid or simple patterned top retailed at $49.99 USD.

dress on left is retro black dress designed by elvira that has sheer black sleeves, black belt with spider and spider web embroidered. outfit on right is a purple peasant top with purple fortune telling skirt black moons, and black hands.
Aziza Wiggle Dress in Black Ponte de Roma and Laura Byrnes Cali Long Jun Skirt from P.U.G.
Keep Going!
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Pinup Girl Clothing is another popular brand that has styles that fits the curves with ease and a comfortable stretch! They have a collaboration with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Aziza Wiggle Dress in Black Ponte de Roma is one of the more stylish of the collection with a spider belt and is retailed at $186 USD. The Laura Byrnes California Long Jun Skirt in Fortune Teller Print has a mystical pattern and will look good with or without a petticoat. You can pair it with black, purple, teal, or even an orange top. Skirt is retailed at $108 USD.

black wrap dress with pineapples that have jack-o-lantern faces cut into them. image on the right is a stereotypical black witch dress with white collar that is embroidered with stars and crescent moon.
Sourpuss Jill-O-Lantern Tiki Faux Wrap Dress and Hell Bunny Interstellar Star & Moon Collar Velvet Mini Dress from Sidecca

Last but not least, the Disneybounding Favorite, Sidecca! Their window displays scream “DISNEYBOUND THIS!” and you can find things for pairing throughout their shows but they also have a cute collection of spoopy fashion! The Sourpuss Jill-O-Lantern Tiki Faux Wrap Dress is super cute if you are curvy like me since it emphasizes the assets. It’s also cute that the “Jill-O-Lanterns” are on pineapples! The retail price is $64.90. The Hell Bunny Interstellar Star & Moon Collar Velvet Mini Dress is perfect for your Wednesday Addams or Sabrina look and retailed at $79.90.

child wearing an orange dress covered in pumpkins and black cats hidden in the pumpkin patch print. image on the right is the same dress on a woman with a black hat.
Pumpkin & Cats Glow-in-the-Dark Sleeveless A-line Dress for children & adults from Sidecca

They also have pairs that look perfect for a Mommy & Me Pumpkin Patch hunt! The Pumpkin & Cats Glow in the Dark Print Sleeveless A-line Dress for grown up and children is PERFECT for those IG moms or whoever has a niece or nephew that they want to dress up with! The adult size is retailed at $69.90 and the kid’s size is $39.90.

Casual Fashion Life

How shameful that there is no selection for men! Some adults may look at the above and think “that might be a bit intense for me” and that’s okay! Here are some graphic tees that will still show your celebration.

two tee shirts. one has wednesday addams and the words "this is my happy face" and the other shirt is black sweatshirt with a skull that is painted like jason from friday the 13th.
This is My Happy Face from The Gravitee Shop & Friday the 13th Jason from Stuff of the Dead

Duh Duh Duh Dum *snap snap*. With women’s least favorite thing that comes up too frequently, “You should smile” it seems like this shirt is a requirement. This is My Happy Face shirt from The Gravitee Shop says it all, “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” The site says it’s a unisex shirt so it’s for those who don’t smile (or don’t want to). With Fall it can get a little chilly and what better than to have Jason on your long sleeve! Friday the Thirteenth Jason Skull Sweatshirt from Stuff of the Dead is a creepy shirt for any gender for any day! The Happy face tee ranges from $25 – $27 and the Jason Sweatshirt is $45.65.

Three tee shirts consisting of Friday the 13th's Jason, Michael Myers and Jason holding soap bar that says "horror club" with mischief, mayhem, and murder being the words under, and pennywise the clown from IT in a shirt that advertises his showcase at a carnaval.
Crystal Lakes Haunted Trails, Horror Club, and Pennywise Carnival from Tee No Evil

We’re going to close out with a fun company that feeds the deep humor of advertisements and films, Tee No Evil. They have so many tees to choose from but we are going to shout out the three that scream “HALLOWEEN FUN”! Seeing the sweatshirt from Stuff of the Dead you will need to pair it with Bloody Trails. Horror Club is one of many Club shirts inspired by Chuck Palahniuk‘s Fight Club. Last but not least, with IT Chapter 2 in theaters you need to have Big Top Clown in your collection! Each one of these shirts are priced at $29.99 USD.

What Now?

With all said and done and more wanted to be said you should check out these shops and get lost in the web for other shops and products. Happy Halloween!

Fry from Futurama Meme with him holding $600 and words saying "Shut Up and Take My Money!"
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