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Mars Inc. Creates an Official Twix Cheesecake

Every once in a while, there’s a revolutionary idea that takes an old, beloved treat, and creates something new and ridiculously amazing.  Recently, the Mars Inc. company decided to take their wonderful Twix candy bars and put them into a cheesecake.

You heard that right.  Twix. Cheesecake.

Made up of a delicious, creamy cheesecake with gooey caramel channels and topped with cookie biscuits and a thick chocolate sauce, the Twix Cheesecake looks like absolute heaven.  It has a very welcoming ratio of crunch mixed with a perfect balance of the firm structure of cheesecake, and visually the chocolate sauce frozen over the cookie bites looks very fun and exciting!  It’s a cheesecake with a ton of personality. The label says it serves 8, but we’re pretty sure consumers are going to savor these babies for themselves.

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Reportedly, these have only popped up in Hong Kong and parts of the UK, and haven’t yet reached the States.  But keep an eye out on the frozen food section at your local grocery stores; hopefully they’ll be popping in soon!  I’m sure many of us would love a chance to try one or two of these!

Mars Inc. created a similar item in 2017, the Mars Mud Pie, that started this new line of awesome candy bar themed desserts.  They also came out with a Maltesers Pavlova, that looks equally as delicious as the others.

So if you’ve gotten your hands on a Twix Cheesecake, we indeed hope it’s as delicious as it looks!

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