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Shannyn Sossamon Coming to Nerd Expo 2019

In her first convention appearance Shannyn Sossamon is coming to Nerd Expo. She is known for playing Lady Jocelyn opposite Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale and Mikal in Wristcutters. She is also known for her work in television as Theresa Burke in Wayward Pines and Pandora in Sleepy Hollow.

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Along with Shannyn Sossamon other guests include Ray Park(Darth Maul), Matty Cardorople(Stranger Things), Alan Oppenheimer(Skeletor/Falkor), Melendy Britt(Original She-Ra), Diane Pershing(Poison Ivy/Batman the Animated Series), RIKISHI, Bradley Pierce(Chip in Beauty & the Beast/Peter Shepard in Jumanji), Mary Gibbs(Boo from Monsters Inc.), Gigi Edgley(Chiana from Farscape), Bob West(Original voice of Barney), and Josh Peterdorf(Roadhog in Overwatch). We will also have musical guest RAGNAROCK playing on stage.

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Nerd Expo is September 21st at the Pasadena Convention center. For tickets follow the link here. They are offering special meet and greet package for Peter Cullen the voice of Optimus Prime.

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