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Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Exists(and it’s Actually a Great Gift Idea)

For those of us that are obsessed with a fandom it may seem like it’s hard to find a gift for us. If you know we like it then we probably already have it depending on what the IP is. Well I can tell you something that most Hello Kitty lovers probably don’t have, and is functional and cute at the same time. This Hello Kitty Toilet Paper.

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This would be a great gag gift but in reality anyone who loves Hello Kitty would honestly be really happy to get it. I speak from experience because I love Sailor Moon and they came out with Sailor Moon Tampons and Pads a while back. While it seems silly I would totally love to have them. So when I say that a Hello Kitty lover would get a kick out of these, I mean it.

There are also some other Hello Kitty personal Items on Amazon including a Schick razor and band-aids that you could put in a Holiday basket if you were going that far with your gift giving.

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