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Facebook to Hide People’s Posts When they Share Too Much

I’m almost afraid to write this out as most certainly finding the word Zuckerberg in this article will ping some king of alarm to the Facebook superlord. But it’s good news and you should know. Facebook will now be hiding articles and shares from your news feed from your friends who like to excessively share them. So all those funny memes and articles you follow your friend to see, might be going away pretty soon.

Now normally I would play this off as one of those spam posts about Facebook using your pictures unless you post this on your page type deals. But the information comes from and we trust them.

“By taking steps like this to improve news feed, we’re able to surface more stories that people find informative and reduce the spread of problematic links such as clickbait, sensationalism and misinformation.” 

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What this means for you

The gist of this is that if you share more than the amount of a regular user and the articles you share are deemed “low quality” your posts will be hidden from your friends timelines. Your status updates, videos, pictures, pages and regular posts will not be affected. Only links from certain domains that they deem click bait or spam will be effected.

On the one hand this could be useful for all those articles that we have to to figure out if it’s legit. On the other hand we already have the ability to see the snopes article if it’s false under the posters post. So it’s not really changing much. I kind of liked the old way so I knew that it was false from the get-go.

Many of us have grown accustomed to just unfollowing individuals when we don’t want to see what they share, and for the most part that will work. Now if there was a way to just hide anything political from the opposite party that you are associated with that would be something. And when I say “you are associated with” I mean check your facebook settings. They have you labeled as something whether you want them to or not. If you want to see what your ad settings are go to settings, it’s under “Your Information” and then “Ad Preferences”.

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