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Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo to Start Showing Loot Box Odds

Not long ago there was some debate going around about how loot boxes are basically gambling for kids. One US Senator even started a bill, “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act”. It would now seem that the lead players in the gaming industry are responding to that action by announcing their plans going forward.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment aims to ensure PlayStation users have access to information and tools, such as parental wallet controls, that will help them make informed decisions about in-game purchasing. We support industry efforts to disclose the probability of obtaining randomized virtual items, known as loot boxes, and are committed to providing consumers with this information for all games we produce and publish.”

Sony Statement obtained by THR
Artify – Square

Microsoft followed releasing a similar statement of their own with Nintendo agreeing not far behind. They are vowing to be more transparent with the odds of purchasing these loot boxes. They aren’t guaranteeing better odds, just that people will know what they are in for before buying.

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This creates a whole new problem however, because when you are addicted to any type of gambling you start not caring about the odds. Or say you feel particularly lucky one day, you are still going to spend money you shouldn’t. Micro-transactions are addicting, whether people want to admit it or not. Generally if you spend money on things like this you have a pattern of doing so.

The new initiative for showing odds on loot boxes is expected to start in 2020 but the exact date is still unknown.

Do you think this will help people make wise decisions? Tell us in the comments what you think.

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