Target Introducing New Line of Wheelchair Costumes!

In one of the most heartwarming things to come out this Halloween season so far Target has started selling costumes for children that are differently abled and confined to using a wheelchair. They so far have only two designs but this is an extremely good step in the right direction.

Along with these being super cool they are also easy to apply. They are designed to easily slip over your chair with hook and loop attachments. They can be cut to fit a wide variety of wheelchair sizes and they come with coordinating accessories.

They do offer the costumes for a pirate and a princess separately however, but those costumes are also made for easy application and are a good price. The pirate and the princess designs feature an open back so that you can get dressed in the chair. The princess gown comes with a crown and the pirate costume comes with the vest, pants, eye patch and hat. The legs on the pirate pants are even wide enough to put on without removing your shoes.

The company that is selling these costumes is called Hyde and Eek! Boutique and besides these costumes they are also selling a wide range of other Halloween treats. They offer costumes, indoor decor, outdoor decor and other Halloween accessories. Also from just browsing online these items are very reasonably priced which is a definite added bonus.

What do you think of the designs they have out so far? What kind of Wheelchair designs would you like to see in the future?

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