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Viral Cake Wars Clip Showcases Some Interesting Pokemon Cakes!

Recently Pokemon has been all over the place. With all the new challenges in Pokemon Go and Sword and Shield coming out just around the corner everyone is amped up for this September. Adding to the hype was a Cake Wars challenge where the contestants had to pick a starter Pokemon from Gen 7. They could choose Litten, Rowlett or Poplio and the results were just as cute as you would think.

In the second clip you see them listing off even more Pokemon, and while some of the bakers can’t seem to pronounce the names correctly the results are still really really good. Of course these cakes being more toy like than I like my cakes. I prefer mine to have a more subtle “inspired by” look. And there is only one baker I know that can pull them off perfectly. Josue Luciano.

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Josue is a baker that hails from Pittsburgh and if you are interested in seeing more amazing Pokemon creations I urge you to follow him on Instagram!

You can read more about his work in the link below.

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