More Troubling “Bond 25” Rumors – Grace Jones Quits, Hidden Camera, and Director’s PlayStation Addiction

Things were looking up for Bond 25 with Daniel Craig’s return following his on-set ankle injury. He underwent surgery for the injury and filming continued while he recuperated. The actor has since returned and shots were posted of Craig in character around London.

But then rumors erupted of yet more trouble for the movie.

Actress/Singer Grace Jones has been rumored to have a cameo in the film. Jones had previously starred in the Roger Moore-era Bond film A View to a Kill (1985) as May Day. It was not known if she would reprise that role or play a new character for Bond 25. However, The Sun reported that sources close to the set are saying that Jones showed up at Pinewood Studios, where Bond 25 is currently filming, but quit and left in anger after discovering that her part was smaller than she expected. Jones has never been officially linked with Bond 25.

Prior to the rumored departure of Jones, the film was embroiled in another issue. A man was arrested and charged with voyeurism after a hidden camera was found in a women’s bathroom at Pinewood Studios. The studio told the newspaper The Independent, “We take this issue very seriously. We reported the incident to the police and are supporting them with their investigation.”

Before that unsettling incident, The Sun reported on June 18 that there was “mutiny” on the set of Bond 25 owing to director Cary Fukunaga showing up late for shooting – because he was too busy playing on his PlayStation. Fukunaga mocked the rumor, saying that a review of his gaming progress would show that he has hardly been spending hours playing.

It just seems as though it is one thing after another for the beleaguered production. In addition to Craig’s injury during filming in Jamaica, a crew member was also injured when an uncontrolled explosion occurred during filming at Pinewood Studios. There was staff turnover before shooting began, most notably the exit of director Danny Boyle, as well as numerous script rewrites, and rumors of trouble behind the scenes continued even as filming on the movie began in Jamaica.

But production keeps plugging along and at the moment the movie is still set to meet its release on April 8, 2020.

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