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‘My Heroine Academia’ Releases First Chapter in Jump GIGA

My Hero Academia has captured the hearts of millions with its quirky characters and fantastic action sequences. Rising to the top of the anime charts, the series has expanded its universe with a movie, fighting game, and even a stage play. And now, the series is giving the female characters time in the spotlight. My Heroine Academia is a female-centered spin-off manga brought to life by Jump GIGA.

Recently, the first chapter was released in Jump GIGA summer 2019 volume one. Written by Yoco Akiyama, the first chapter shows the girls of class 1-A spending some time with Momo. We get to see each girl interacting with Momo’s extravagant wealth in their own way. Of course, Ochaco panics because she has never dealt with so much money. After all, Ochaco tells Midoriya that she wants to be a hero to provide for her family financially. Particularly, we get to see Ochaco panic when she finds out how much Momo’s tea and towels cost.

An English translation was provided on Reddit
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Jump GIGA goes on to promise another chapter of My Heroine Academia in its next volume. Hopefully, we will get an opportunity to see each girl come into the spotlight. I am particularly interested in seeing more of Toru Hagakure and Mina Ashido. Regardless, the female characters of My Hero Academia all have something interesting to bring to the table. And it’s great to see Jump GIGA giving them more of an opportunity to shine.

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