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Interview With Voice Actress Cissy Jones

For those who don’t know Cissy Jones is a voice actress who’s been in quite a few games. Some being Telltale The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Destiny 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Firewatch. She has a new game coming out called Afterpaty.

She loves being a voice actress. “It’s the greatest thing in the whole world” Jones explained. Before being a voice actor she used to work in corporate in Silicon Valley for 10 years. She studied business at college and having an insight on that helped guide her to becoming a voice actress. “I meet the right people, I took the right classes, I worked hard. I knew that it wasn’t going to happen overnight I knew I was going to have to spend money to make money.” Jones explained when making the jump. When she finally meet the right people too it helped give her the confidence to go full force into this industry.

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Jones goes on to explain how working in voice over is totally different from camera work. “Voice over is some of the most supportive incredible buoyant jubilant people I’ve ever known in my whole life.” She explains how she encourages her friends to book the same job and they push one another forward.  

She explains the feeling of continuing to work on such big games as a rewarding feeling. “It’s fun to walk around this floor at E3 and be like oh I Besthda I was in Fallout 4. Warner Brothers I was in Spiderman, I was in that.”  She goes on to explain how she loves going to these events because she finally gets to see some of the people shes worked with but never saw in person.

Jones is a very determined and thriven voice actress. When asked if any company she’d want to work with she said “All of them, All of them. I want all of them, I want all the things everywhere. Video Games, trailers, commercials yes all of them.”  She’s never done any on camera acting, and has no interest in doing any at all. Jones goes on to explain that it doesn’t matter what she looks like because she can be just about anything you can think of. “As long as I am convincing as a voice that’s what matters” said Jones.

She’s also done a number of different voice overs. She’s done commercials, trailers, soundalikes, animations and so much more. She loves working in so many different types of voice overs because of how unique everyone is. “Video games believe it or not are wildly different from animation. Commercials are wildly different from narrations.” explained Jones.

Going into an audition and not fully knowing what you’re working on isn’t odd at all in this industry. Matter of fact she loves it because she can be herself in the audition but it can be a little troublesome. “It’s at once daunting and liberating. Because it’s daunting in the sense of I hope I nailed the tone that they’re looking for. And it’s liberating in the sense of like well I don’t know what you’re looking for, so I’m going to be a total idiot.” said Jones.

It’s often rewarding when she hears her own work. But at the same time she’ll often think to herself maybe she should of said something a little more different that what she recorded. Jones recalls her time on Firewatch and how well received the game is. Finding it shocking that people still contact her letting her know how much they loved her work.

When asked about Telltale she explain how heartbreaking it was. She knew so many people who worked for the company as well as so many friends that have lost their jobs because of the shutdown. “To have it go down the way it went down it broke my heart it broke all of our hearts. And to know that really talented people, really good kind genuine human beings were put in that position. I wanted to hold them all and hug them and get them new jobs immediately and it just doesn’t work that way.” said Jones.

Working on a AAA game has a lot more of a strict process to follow according to Jones. As on the other hand working on games like The Walking Dead Telltale they allow you to have more leeway.

Some of her fondest moments was when she got to work with one of her childhood voices maurice lamarche. It was for Batman Arkham Knight  she had a hard time keeping it together around him and loved every minute they worked together. Another being when had crossed paths with the late Stand Lee and sat on the same stool he sat on. “Technically I have shared butt heat with Stan Lee.” Jones said jokeling.  

Cissy Jones couldn’t speak more highly enough of the voice acting community. She has nothing but great things to say about it and has done so much great work, and continues to do so. Be sure to keep a look out for her new game Afterparty coming out soon. And follow her on twitter @cissyspeaks.

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