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How Could Deadpool Join The MCU – Or Has He Already Appeared?

Since the Disney-Fox deal closed there has been speculation about how and when some of the Fox characters would be worked into the MCU. In particular, Ryan Reynold’s fan-favorite Deadpool. While the X-men and Fantastic Four will most likely be recast and rebooted, Reynold’s will probably continue to portray Deadpool.

But the Deadpool franchise is notable for its R-rated movies. There was some concern that the character would be toned down to be more family-friendly for Disney.

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But it seems that will not be the case and Disney will keep the franchise R-rated. However, the Merc with a Mouth will most likely need to clean up his language if he appears in MCU films outside of his solo movies. The same might also hold true if Deadpool were to get a series on the Disney+ streaming service. Although we do have a precedent for a PG-13 Deadpool with the Christmas Once Upon a Deadpool film.

With Spider-Man: Far From Home coming out on July 2, it is probably too soon for a cameo in the end credits. But Deadpool appearing in the almost inevitable Spider-Man 3 is a possibility. Deadpool and Spider-Man have appeared together in the comics on numerous occasions.

But one frequent rumor source has said that Sony wants Tom Hardy’s Venom to make an appearance in Spider-Man 3. Sony owns the rights to the Spider-Man character and in a deal to allow Spider-Man in the MCU, Sony and Marvel Studios co-produce the Spider-Man standalone films. However, a Venom sequel featuring Carnage is already in the works so that might conflict with a Venom appearance in Spider-Man 3.

Most likely when we next see Deadpool it will be in Deadpool 3. But how would such a movie relate to the MCU? X-men characters have already appeared in the Deadpool movies, so maybe we will see our own little sub-universe of all the mutants in the MCU. Or Marvel characters will have guest appearances in the Deadpool films but Deadpool won’t appear in the more mainstream MCU films.

Now a fan has proposed the idea that Deadpool has already appeared in the MCU in Endgame, and not in that climactic fight scene featuring pretty much everybody (including Howard the Duck). The theory on Twitter is that Deadpool was none other than NoobMaster69, the troll who gave Korg and Miek such a hard time while playing Fortnite and enraged Thor to the point of threatening to rip off his arms. That would certainly be in character for Deadpool.

Although there is another possible candidate for NoobMaster69

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