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Disney Expected To Keep Deadpool R-Rated

No joke, this Disney-slash-Fox merger is going to be epic. It’s been a long time (if ever) since a film industry acquisition was made on this level. Don’t get me wrong, several projects will be effected by the two production juggernauts joining forces. We still have no clue what’s going on with that New Mutants movie and I’m sure there are a couple others struggling to find the way to market.

What’s important to note here is somewhere buried in what I’m sure totals ten thousand pages of the merger agreement, lie the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously Disney buying Fox opens the door for the X-Men to boldly enter the world of the Avengers. Now I’m not going to rant off a bunch of fan theories on who or what’s headed to the big screen in Phase 5, but I would like to bring to your attention a very delightful piece of news.

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Courtesy of the folks over at breakdown the recent development as follows; Disney’s CEO Bob Iger “reportedly” told investors that newly acquired properties could continue to stick with the story and character models they’ve established, regardless of ratings. He added Deadpool specifically will stay under the Fox umbrella while Disney can market adult oriented content differently to avoid any parallels with their signature family leaning releases. There was also an implication regarding potential creative compromises with Deadpool’s production staff.

Two things to take away from this, and remember this is only my opinion… one, pretty easy to follow here, just so Disney doesn’t have to put there name on an R-rated superhero project, they’ll simply release Deadpool 3 (yes it will happen) as a Fox feature presentation. I’m guessing we’ll see the Disney logo during the final frame of the closing credits. But that’s it. Keeping distance without keeping distance. Using Fox as sort of a dry cleaner drug front for non-kid friendly content.

Now here’s where I believe there’s real potential… two, remember I said “creative compromises?” My thoughts are this language is only referenced because a long term goal is to bring Deadpool into the MCU. Not as a lead character, but as a secondary lead or glorified cameo appearance. Those creative compromises I’m sure are designed to keep the MCU free of curse words and human dismemberment.

But seriously, having Deadpool interact with the likes or Thor and Captain Marvel is totally worth a few minutes of not hearing an F-bomb. There’s still plenty of words that can be used.

I was always wondering if Disney would abandon their core principles of accessible non-offensive language in films for the sake of the all mighty dollar? And the answer is yes. Even a company swimming in cash will adjust their business model to deepen their money pool.

For now, we’ll continue to see Deadpool in his true form, an R-rated form.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Fox/Disney

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