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Halo Infinite Trailer At E3

The trailer opens up with a pilot in a state shock about something hitting a ship, and the man struggling to catch himself. He then goes into a room in a panic matter to look for something just for him to fall and find a recording. The recording was his family and that seems to bring him ease. But while all of this was going on a voice over was in the background saying something was detected.

In a panic the pilot goes on the walkie to look for help and clears out the windshield to find none other than master chief floating in space! It seems like he was clinging onto life but with a last minute attempt he’s brought back to life. The trailer alludes to something big has happen because they’ve made it clear they were looking for him.

You then find out that that they’ve lost the war and chief looks out and sees a broken halo ring. The ship then gets attacked and the pilot tells chief they need to leave, but in typical master chief fashion he heads into the battle.It then jumps to him walking into an odd room and you hear Cortana talking about how special he was, and then the trailer comes to an end.

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The game is set to come out in 2020 and is being considered a re-boot for the series.

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