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Huge ‘Fallout 76’ Updates At E3

Wastelanders is set to be a gamechanger for Fallout 76. The trailer opens up with the overseer narrating with how much things have changed. But one thing she mentions is how people have come back! So this new update will finally have the long awaited human NPC!

This will have both dialogs and decisions you can make while playing it. The waste landers update is coming this fall and it will be a free update! For those who are interested in playing fallout 76 play it for free during June 10th-17th.

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They’re also introducing a new game mood as well. The trailer shows a person running to a bunker and explaining how this vault needs a new overseer. And in order to become the overseer you have to be the very best it’s a battle royal version of the game. This mode will be called nuclear winter and will be free to play with the game. This mode will have a early release with it’s free to play time too.

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