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“Jessica Jones” Season 3 Debuting June 14 on Netflix

Jessica Jones‘ third and final season on Netflix will arrive on Friday, June 14. All 13 episodes will be released at that time. Jessica Jones was the last Marvel series canceled on Netflix and the only series canceled before episodes of the season had aired. While a return of the Netflix shows has been teased, it has also been stated that they would not be back on the new Disney+ streaming service. So when or if we will see any of them again is a mystery.

The third season of the show will see Jessica (Krysten Ritter) team up with adoptive sister Trish (Rachael Taylor) to take down a highly intelligent psychopath. But tragedy may set them on a collision course. Attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and neighbor and ex-employee Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) are also appearing.

In an interview with, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg had this to say about the final season:

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Well, season three is an active evolution out of one and two. I really look at three as a complete arc and story. So season three is very much the next step for Jessica. If season one and two were about her digging into her past and facing her demons and looking inwardly and backward, this season is about her now moving forward and finding her place in the world, finding her contribution to the world, and if she even has one. We left season two off with her mother seeing in her that she has the potential of a hero and saying a hero is someone who gives a shit and does something about it. Season three is about Jessica doing something about it and trying to live into her mother’s quote for her.

A teaser trailer and some shots of season 3 were released in advance of the series premiere.

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