David Harbour Hints at Being Fantastic Four’s “Thing ” in “Black Widow”

Appearing at a panel at the MCM Comic Con in London Saturday, David Harbour has not only confirmed his role in Black Widow, he has also said something that is making fans speculate as to which character he will be playing in the film. He said in an oddly specific way that he is glad, “this thing is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

According to comicbook.com we can expect to see a lot more of the Stranger Things star starting Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether that be in the form of cameo appearances as the Thing in solo Movies such as Black Widow, or perhaps a solo movie for Thing which would also feature other characters of the Fantastic Four. Now this is all if the interpretation of his comment is correct.

Speaking of the Fantastic Four speculation among fans is that we will start seeing more information regarding the team sometime around 2022. Until then they seem to have a jam packed schedule of movies. We know about Black Widow which will be coming out sometime in 2020, The Eternals (2020), Shang-Chi (2021), Doctor Strange 2 (2021), Black Panther 2 (2021), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2022). There have also been talks about an Avengers 5, Captain Marvel 2, Blade, and everyone is hoping for an announcement for X-Men.

There is also a possibility that since he is a star on Stranger Things that he would refer to himself as a “Thing” regardless. It would make sense for the cast to call themselves that in a playful way, and it could be more insight into the relationships of the cast and crew of that show. So however you want to view his comment is up to you. I do think he would make an amazing Thing if that is what he is alluding to.

What would you think of David Harbour as Thing in the MCU? Tell us in the comments!

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