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The 69th Episode Of Game Of Thrones Was Totally For Lovers

I hope you enjoyed the last episode of Game Of Thrones… that could be the last time we see some of those faces.

Here I thought the final season of GoT would be a balls to the wall bloodbath where characters fall every ten minutes.

And turns out I was totally wrong. In fact the first two episodes from our last dance with GoT have been quite the opposite. For people who jumped on the bandwagon after season three, you’re probably bored as hell. Where are all the dead bodies and boobs you felt you were promised? Don’t worry there’ll be plenty of at least one of those things next week, more than likely the bodies.

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But for fans who have watched since the pilot, you might have noticed the show’s brief return to its early form. Actors actually acting with scenes carried by rich Westerosi dialogue that could only come from an HBO writer’s room. There’s been minimal CGI, no central characters meeting their seven makers, and only one trip to a brothel. I hardly recognize what’s on my television.

Realistically, we’re seeing the last glimpse of pre-season three Thrones as next week will bring the highly anticipated Battle For Winterfell which should open the door for what’s rumored to be the show’s defining war driven episode. Meaning lots of death and possibly an epic dragon fight. However, we’re not there yet.

While I wish episode two titled, “A Knight In Winterfell” gave me a ton of plot twists and revelations to discuss, it didn’t. Most of the camera time was spent with our characters talking, making their final amens or just enjoying each other’s company. But under all the dialogue, the show focused on a topic rarely acknowledged in the Seven Kingdoms… love.

Love you say? Yes, if this was February, it could have easily been GoT’s Valentine’s Day installment. Couples and their relationships took center stage on Sunday. Missandei and Greyworm made their post battle plans to return to the beach.

The way the Northerners have been throwing them the stink eye, I’d want to get as far away from snow as humanly possible.

For Tormund and Brienne are not officially an item but I feel they are one joint kill away from doing it in the middle of the battle. Which could happen if the Night’s King’s Army is defeated next week. Tormund is still his Wildlingly charming self, so much that Brienne kind of warmed up to him. Some people may think Mr. Giantsbane completely ruined his chances by chugging a big cup of Giant’s milk in front of her, but trained eyes could only see a woman slowly falling for the red bearded love of her life.

Now the biggest surprise of the evening came from the one character you’d least expect it… no, not Podrick. Though having him be a bedroom assassin is hands down GoT’s best example of television writing. I’m talking about Arya Stark. Yes our little badass finally broke herself off some Gendry. As soon as I saw King Robert’s bastard showing partial chest, I knew things were going to get steamy. You’re a decent human, you’re probably questioning Arya’s age, and believe me, that’s normal, Maisie Williams looks like she’s still in high school, so HBO made sure file a sort of disclaimer via Twitter before the episode aired.

And all this love happened in Game Of Thrones 69th episode no less.

I’m not making that up.

Of course some other things happened, a Jamie and Bran reunion, the White Walkers are almost to Winterfell, plus Brienne got knighted. But for the most part, it was a Westerosi Rom-Com.

So now all the sappy romancy is over and the time has come for an all out showdown between the living and the dead. There’s only one place to be next Sunday at 9:00 pm and it’s in front of your television.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- HBO

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