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‘My Roommate is a Cat’ is a Must Watch for Anyone Who Loves Anime.. and Cats

There are only a few animes in my repertoire that I will tell anyone and everyone they need to go see. Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Soultake, etc. But I will now add “My Roommate is a cat” to the list. This lovely anime first got its start as a manga created by Minatsuki. It currently has five volumes out and I sincerely hope there are more to come. Originally it was released back in 2015, and finally received its anime adaptation this year (To watch you need Crunchyroll or sneaky friends).

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Our lead character is someone I think most introverts can relate to, and if he isn’t on the autism spectrum then you got me fooled. Subaru is our main character who has to deal with the death of his parents (not a spoiler you find out the first two minutes in). He is a writer who prefers a quiet home to be in. His people skills are not the best, and he tends to overthink situations. When visiting his family’s grave he offers them food as customary in Japanese culture, and that’s where our cat Haru comes into place.When the cat takes the food, Subaru gets a new idea for a book and this is where our anime takes off.

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What I love most about this anime, is that (I think) I would call it a slice of life. One of the major things it has going is that, you watch the episode through our main character. Then in the last five minutes or so, we see it through the eyes of the cat. In some episodes you don’t understand why she acts the way she does. But then it comes to her point of view and all of a sudden it makes perfect sense. This anime deals with grief, loss, and friendship, taking that extra step out of our comfort zone into (possibly) something better. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry. Maybe I am an emotional person, but this is one anime that any fan would truly love.

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