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Show Your Saiyan Pride With Leftside91′ Apparel

Bringing cosplay and gym/casual clothing together

As Dragon Ball Fans, we’ve all tried to do the Kamehameha once in our life. You don’t have to hide it, because that kind of ridiculous passion is what helped inspire this apparel. Leftside91’ is an apparel company which is inspired by the style and charisma of anime / video games and the comfort relaxed fit of everyday wear. As stated on their website ,

Have you ever wanted a shoe that speaks to you as an individual? Something that branches away from the norm (i.e. Nike, Adidas, Puma)? A shoe that defines your identity as an anime watcher, manga reader, or a cosplayer, but at the same time has a very casual appeal just like everything else? Leftside91′ answers all of these questions with our original designs inspired by anime & gaming.”

Today we are going to look at a few of the items on sale at their website( that are currently not sold out).

1. t r a n s c e n d 91′ /  h o p e 91′

Both of these are on sale for 59.99 -size 5.5 to 15 both built with blue suede and Lemon/yellow suede and with black leather. Inspired by Goku and Future Trunks respectively

2. Armor91′

Also on sale for $79.99 – made with fleece materials with velcro straps that’s machine washable. Inspired by the armor worn by those in the Frieza Army.

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3. Kami91′

On sale for 49.99 – High Quality Brown Primeknit Material, with a foam sole, and adjustable sock length . Inspired by Piccolo.

4.  p l a n e t 91′

Selling for 59.99 – Size 5.5 – 15 with leather and suede with a yellow/black toe. Inspired by Vegeta

Now I’m a fan of all of these pieces ; It’s something really cool that I can wear in the grocery store and if I decide to head to a convention after, people will get the reference. They seem to made with comfortable materials, but can be worn while being active if the need arises. The colors are nice and muted, with crisp recognizable designs – which to me, presents the unexpected idea of confidence in what I could wear. Now there are more designs on their website, but the items discussed here are currently available to buy now.

You can visit their site at with the social medias of the apparel going by the same name.

So what’s your opinion on these pieces? worth the price or just not as nice? let us know down in the comments!

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