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Captain Marvel Surpasses Wonder Woman in Just Two Weeks

Captain Marvel has been out now for two weeks and in that time has surpassed the amount made by Wonder Woman in the entire run of the movie.

Captain Marvel has now made at the time of this writing $834,303,835 Worldwide. An enormous feat for a movie that is not only the first female led super hero movie from the Marvel Universe but also one that had so much push back from prospective audiences.

Wonder Woman grossed 821.8 million USD during its entire run at the box office and was also a big part of the #metoo movement in 2017. Her movie ran in theaters from June 2 to November 9th of that year.

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With Captain Marvel making so much so quickly it makes one wonder if she will come close to Avengers: Infinity War which grossed over $2 Billion. It seems a lot of people are gearing up for Endgame by seeing Captain Marvel which makes sense due to her implied importance in the upcoming film. We still don’t know what role she will play in the grand scheme of things but it has been made clear that her inclusion was the “break glass” option for Nick Fury.

Have you seen Captain Marvel? What do you think will happen in Endgame? Tell us in the comments!

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